Does Austin Butler Find the Resurrection Stone?

Portraying Elvis Presley was one of the best decisions for Austin Butler. Undoubtedly, he had worked hard to wear the skin of Elvis. Maybe that’s why now he can’t get out of it. He has taken “It’s Now or Never” too seriously that he is delaying his marriage with Kaia Gerber and dedicating all his time to more distinctive works. Once an eye-candy Disney star is now the talk of the town!

Getting big breaks one after another can’t happen only by spinning the fate wheel; Butler’s devotion and love for the silver screen have brought him where he is today!

You may have already seen the trailer of ‘Dune 2″ and were amazed by the look of Butler. He is Feyd-Rautha, the younger nephew of Skarsgård in the movie. In other words, he is one of the biggest villains with a quirky bald look in “Dune 2”.

Becoming the iconic “king” to the villain of a mythological sci-fi is not easy. And how can we forget “Tex” from Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood!”

Now, you can understand Butler’s diverse acting skills, right? Undoubtedly, he has a lot in his bag. “Elvis” gave him a BAFTA, a Golden Globe Award, and the Academic Award nomination for best actor! Maybe “Dune 2” will give him more. 

But before “Elvis,” how was the life of Austin Butler? 

Once a workaholic is always a workaholic, Butler has always been a stallion, making his screen presence intense and brooding. He has already collected a lot of feathers on his golden crown. 

There was a time when no one could think of American teen dramas without him. He has given us numerous good works, such as “The Carrie Diaries,” “The Shannara Chronicles,” “Yoga Hosers,” etc. But his Broadway debut was with Denzel Washington in “The Iceman Cometh.” His eloquent acting skill in this play gave him true recognition. Butler was immensely praised in “The Iceman Cometh” review in The New Yorker. And that’s where he found the resurrection stone. 

Since then, he hadn’t stopped. Next, you will watch him as the protagonist “Major Gale Cleven” in a war-drama mini-series based on Donald L. Millers’ novel “Masters of the Air.”

So, which one are you excited about more – to watch Butler’s acting in “Dune 2” or in “Masters of the Air?” Although “Dune 2” will come on the big screen on November 3! But there is still no news about the release date of “Masters of the Air.”

So, now we can only hope that Austin Butler will surprise us again with his unique and impeccable acting skills! And all we want to say is that – Butler has proved that success doesn’t come overnight. We are proud of him!