Top 3 Documentaries to Watch on HBO Max to Expand Your Knowledge

Do you think Netflix is the palace of top-rated documentaries? Then it’s time to remind you who the king is!

HBO, now HBO Max, produced incredible documentaries when Netflix was just a DVD supplier. It’s been 50 years since HBO is in the game. And now, it has become the largest high-quality distributor of impeccable documentaries.

Selecting the best ones and presenting them to you is quite impossible. But we have tried our best to make a list for you to watch the best fact-based true stories the world has ever seen.

Here are the most watched and praised HBO Max documentaries. Let’s have a look –

Baltimore Rising

Credit: HBO

Most of us know what happened during the 2016 Baltimore protests. When 25-year-old black man Freddie Grey passed away while in the custody of the police, Baltimore Rising, a completely new phenomenon, swept the city. For those who imagine the Baltimore riots as a dystopian movie scene—the early scenes may not invalidate this bleak imagery—Baltimore Rising will provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of what happened and how it affected the entire nation’s social and political backdrop.

André, the Giant

Credit: News18

André René Roussimoff, who was over seven feet tall, was a mountain guy. He is best known to wrestling fans as the imposing André the Giant, a behemoth in a singlet who appeared in several historic WWF matches in the 1980s. Film buffs recognise him as the charming kidnapper Fezzik from “The Princess Bride.” He charmed the world with his charisma and power. The real André, who had a life outside his duties in the ring and on screen, is examined in this documentary, which Bill Simmons, a sports writer and commentator, co-produced. His medical condition, which made him famous, takes the front stage in his biography, which also features a great deal of triumphant global achievement.

Class Action Park

Credit: HBO

This HBO Max Original gets its name from the not-really-joking moniker given to Action Park, a theme park in suburban New Jersey tailored to thrill-seeking teenagers in the 1970s and 1980s. Action Park (formerly identified as “Traction Park”) seems to have had almost every ride set up quickly or shoddy. In this film, now-famous people who went to Action Park as kids and managed to get through the experience largely unscathed discuss their recollections with the still-mysterious staff.

The narrative then takes a dark and tragic turn when it tells the tale of George Larsson Jr., a tourist who died while enjoying one of the site’s attractions.

Keep exploring HBO Max to experience the other eloquent documentaries ever made!

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