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Why Should You Watch Mission Impossible 7?

Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible 7

Ethan Hunt is coming again to the big screen! Following Mission: Impossible- Fallout’s amazing critical and commercial success in 2018, there was little uncertainty that the franchise would return to the cinema with another installment. But five years later, we are counting the days to watch the biggest action saga in film history. Yes, we are talking about Mission Impossible 7. But you can call it Dead Reckoning Part One too!

The film will be released on July 12, 2023 theatres. So, the “tick tick” sound has already been started inside our brains. Like many other projects, the film has been postponed several times over the last few years because of the COVID-19 outbreak and the ensuing slew of problems. But the nostalgia did not leave us. 

Since 1996 Cruise and the fantastic stunts he pulls off in the Mission: Impossible films have made us addicted to the movie series. Can you see the most iconic ones right now? The wire-hanging scene, clambering the Burj Khalifa, performing a HALO skydive, and hanging to the exterior of an aircraft as it takes off still blows our minds.

And the most exciting thing is that Mission: Impossible films continue to grow better even as Tom Cruise will hit the age of 60 soon.

So, what makes Mission Impossible 7 unique? Let’s find out. 

In the next Mission: Impossible movie, Tom Cruise will play his famous IMF Agent, Ethan Hunt. Numerous characters from our favorite shows and movies will appear in it for their most perilous expedition to date. 

In the first “Dead Reckoning” trailer, Cruise is seen riding a motorbike down a cliff. In December, we got to see a behind-the-scenes documentary by Paramount Pictures. It provided a more in-depth look at the remarkable stunt. 

Since their debut in 1996, the “Mission: Impossible” films rocked the global box office. And they became one of Paramount Pictures’ crown jewels. After a low point with 2006’s “Mission: Impossible III,” which generated only $398 million around the world, Cruise effectively revived the franchise, boosting its status to become one of the most dependable brands in blockbuster entertainment.

Christopher McQuarrie, who previously helmed “Rogue Nation” and “Fallout,” is the writer and director of “Dead Reckoning Part One.” 

The movie’s producers are J.J. Abrams, Tom Cruise, David Ellison, Jake Meyers, and McQuarrie. The team also announces the date of the “Dead Reckoning Part Two.” It’s June 28, 2024. So, hold your tears now because all this will be nostalgia soon. Ethan Hunt will take his leave with the movie. But we are never going to forget him, right?

You shouldn’t be sad. It has to be ended one day. If this marks the franchise’s end, it has been a remarkable achievement that spanned eight films and nearly three decades. By the time the movie Mission Impossible hits theatres, Tom Cruise will be more than sixty, making this the ideal opportunity to take off his Ethan Hunt coat and perhaps leave the screen on a high note. 

So, seize the day to experience a more energetic Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7 than the world has ever seen!

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