Stars Wars vs Marvel

Why ‘Star Wars’ is Better than Marvel Movies?

The Star Wars vs. Marvel debate is akin to opening a Pandora’s Box. Hell will break out, but this argument will never come to a peaceful conclusion. And whoever opens the door to the conflict over which of the two huge franchises is superior is unquestionably evil, right?

Thanks! We’re taking up that space. Shall we start the fight?

The Fight Begins Here

The way these two film franchises executed their marketing strategies is what set them apart. Before anything else, Star Wars is an original and unique film series, but the MCU, or Marvel Cinematic Universe, is based on a Marvel Comics plot. 

The SW assets have been here for more than four decades, whereas the MCU, or Marvel Cinematic Universe, has only been around for ten years. But the MCU, on the other hand, had already made twice the number of superhero films as Star Wars.

The MCU may be viewed as a multimedia hydra that now outweighs the SW canon if we count the 11 distinct television series broadcasting on OTT platforms!


Still, Quality Wins the Crown

The quality consistency of the SW film series has been a hot topic of discussion among ardent fans ever since Disney purchased the franchise. George Lucas has been given permission to redesign the series since the takeover. Some fans favoured this novel technique. However, several Gen-X and baby boomer supporters disagreed.

Additionally, critics noted how the recently released films were at odds with the filmography. So we can’t blame them. It’s difficult to top the Rogue One film or the movie series’ original trilogy. 

Despite facing the same critiques, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) worked harder and produced twice as many films as the Star Wars franchise. They released 19 films, and just a couple received poor reviews from the audience.

However, devoted fans who agree with the MCU’s deviations outnumber the naysayers. The overall calibre of the cinematic world is astoundingly consistent, and it is thought to be a logical development of the SW.

Television Tells It All

The Marvel vs. Star Wars tale is as complex as the film adaptation since the pre-Disney film series prevents the universes of Marvel and Star Wars from fully competing.

In addition to movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has generated several TV programmes.

However, Star Wars also had a victory in the television category. The Clone Wars television series by Dave Filoni was a great hit. During its initial run, this series was a huge rating hit, even becoming one of Cartoon Network’s highest-rated shows. It was also nominated for Daytime Emmys and Annie Awards and had a huge fan base.

So, let us know what you choose, Star Wars or Marvel!