Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Without John Dutton

Is It Possible to Air Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Without John Dutton?

Since its first season release in 2018, Yellowstone has captured the souls of many, no doubt. This epic show has been an excellent success for Paramount Network for over five years. So, it is needless to say that the fans are keenly waiting for Yellowstone season 5, part 2. But when is it coming, and are we going to watch Kevin Costner, aka John Dutton, once again? We understand that all these questions are bubbling around your head. That’s why we are here to discuss every tiny detail we know about the show. So, are you excited about the Yellowstone big finale?

Why Do People Like Yellowstone So Much?

Yellowstone is the story of John Dutton and his family. They have the largest ranch in Montana, named ‘the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.’ But it is familiar to people as ‘The Yellowstone.’ 

The tweak of the story is – it’s not a typical drama of rivalry between cowboys and ranchers. Instead, it’s a saga of the fight of one of the bravest ranchers against urban development. It’s a story of the working class, the real society. 

Although America is a young country compared to others, it still has a great history. Taylor has used a bit of history in the show in a uniquely American way. The Dutton family has owned the ranch since the Civil War, and the sixth generation of the family protected it from not only outsiders but also from internal family conflicts. So, if you focus on the story, you will find similarities to Shakespearean plays. 

At this stage, we can say that Taylor has brought what the audience loves the most. But the story of Yellowstone season 5, part 2, will decide the show’s ultimate future. So, what we can do now is wait.

Since 2018, the story has spread its branches like Moso. So, if Taylor Sheridan wants to win the hearts of the audience, there are tons of puzzles to solve and loose ends to tie before Yellowstone season 5 ends. But as the previous seasons melted our hearts and excited our nerves, we can expect that a lot is coming. So, be prepared for a wild ride!

Is Kevin Costner Out from the Part 2 Episodes?

We can’t think of Yellowstone without John Dutton. So, we still expect Kevin Costner in the second half of season 5. But still, there are no official announcements on whether Costner will come back.

We all know that John Dutton is the lead character of the show, and where it stands now, it can’t have ended well without him. He is now the governor of Montana and the main character of the political conflict through which the show is going on. So, losing him at this stage will bring a lot of negative points to the show. If he comes back after all these happened and stays strict on his words, then we will be able to watch him only on 2 to 3 episodes. 

Many of you who don’t know why Costner is a question mark in the show, we want you to know the whole story. The showrunner, Taylor Sheridan, and the primary actor, Kevin Costner, fought over schedule and payment scale issues. After that, Kevin said that he was ready to leave the show. All these things are behind the delay of the season 5 part 2 premiers. Kevin and Taylor had several arguments, and nothing has been solved until today.

So, if we watch Costner in part 2 episodes, it will be no less than a miracle! 

When Will We Get to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Episodes?

We all know that the drama will end in season 5, and the first part of the season has already been aired. But the second half of the show is still in the making. So, we have to wait until the soup is ready and the garnishing is done. Yes, you heard it right. Although Paramount Network announced that the season finale would be out in November 2023, they later pushed it to November 2024 due to production delays and the fight between Costner and Taylor. And the exact release date is still pending!

Still, there are more surprises. The network has revealed that two spinoffs of Yellowstone will come soon to the TV screen, named 1944 and 2024! And till now, we are unaware of the plot details.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Part 2?

Yellowstone season 5, including both parts, is going to have the most number of episodes, no doubt. Season 1 of the show had the least number of episodes, which is 9, but there were 10 episodes for each season from season 2 to season 4. 

After that, we have already witnessed 8 episodes from the first half of the show. So, it’s clear that there will be at least 6 episodes in the second half. Although Taylor has said in an interview that he is not going to make part 2 for the sake of it. He is ready to film as many episodes as the show needs to complete and give the audience a satisfactory vibe. 

Where Can We Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Episodes?

You need Peacock Premium to watch all the seasons of Yellowstone. However, if you are a Hulu + Live TV subscriber, you can watch the second half of the show live on the Paramount network when it premieres. 


Good things take time, and the same goes for a good show. You were the witness when the drama started to become interesting. You were there when the story stunned everyone. Why don’t you hold your breath and wait until the show wraps up before you mark it as one of the most exciting US drama series? So, are you ready for Yellowstone season 5, part 2? Let us know in the comment section. ent us news